Set far from the clichè Milanese fashion hub, Spazio Sunnei opened its doors in December 2015 at Via Vincenzo Vela 8, a quiet street close to “Bar Basso”, a fixture amongst the crawling creative crowd of the city.

The shop & studio was created with the aim of uniting a spot in Milan where the team could work, create a shopping experience and organize events with great contact to the community. Coming across as an aim to initiate an innovative concept for the current setting in Milan, the space undertakes a multidisciplinary approach to creation.

The space, a candid environment of industrial reminiscence, was designed and brought to life in collaboration with emerging designers who share SUNNEI’s aesthetical values. The collaborations include Studio Modulo, marble pieces from Bloc Studios and made to measure armchairs by Egolab.

There is also a clear contrast between the white & inviting shop floor and the blue basement operating as a studio. Just like the contrasts within the brand’s character, the space is also multifaceted. Spazio Sunnei currently hosts an extensive collection of magazines and books alongside the brand’s collection.


The top floor of Spazio Sunnei operates as a shop which hosts an extensive range of brand’s pieces. Since there are some exclusives from SUNNEI’s collections that can only be acquired at Spazio Sunnei, the space also becomes a gateway into the brand’s world reflecting its values regarding culture, fashion, art and aesthetics.

The disposition of the shop is designed in a way which fosters interactions between its visitors and the brand vision.

The visitors which are composed of Milanese locals working within the spectrum of the creative industries and tourists (of which 90% are composed of Americans, Japanese and Koreans) who have an eager interest towards the alternative understanding of fashion.

The space also offers a carefully curated collection of editorial titles prepared in collaboration with Antenne Books, KD Presse and T.A.M. Books.


The basement of the space operates in a contrasting manner with its blue interiors and intimate spaces.
The bottom floor has become a reference point for photographers, stylists or collaborators who want a sneak peek within the brand’s world.

The studio is the creative hub for the brand, acting as a research laboratory and a design studio where the new collections are shaped together with inspirations from the wide SUNNEI archive.

The bottom floor also hosts diverse components of SUNNEI’s team that are occupied with various functions including design, marketing, sales and PR. The close and contrasting link between the shop and the studio creates a dynamic interaction between all that step foot in Spazio Sunnei.


Since its opening, Spazio Sunnei has become a relevant space for its community of creatives to promote their works with in-store events.


Some of the events Spazio Sunnei hosted:

Apartamento Magazine Event
with Block Studios

Bjork Florence
Pop Up Shop

Issue #2 Launch

“Gioventù Cosmica” SS17 Presentation


Spazio Sunnei
Via Vincenzo Vela 8
Milano - ITALY

+39 02 29511728

Monday 10:30 am -06:30 pm
Tuesday 10:30 am -06:30 pm
Wednesday 10:30 am -06:30 pm
Thursday 10:30 am -06:30 pm
Friday 10:30 am -06:30 pm
Saturday only by appointment
Sunday only by appointment