Spazio Sunnei serves as 100% store offering a unique shopping experience for all the locals and everyday visitors. It’s also the perfect spot for organizing events and creating a great contact with the community.

→ Via Vincenzo Vela 8, Milano


A project with Studio Modulo

The ground floor with its total white – from walls to furnitures – is a blank, candid area, where the design has been conceived to better serve the retail fundamentals: corners dedicated to accessories’ visual, a brand new rack and a renovated changing room will offer a fully shopping experience.The space host the SUNNEI Collections along with the special pieces exclusively available in the Milan-based store. Reflecting the brand’s origin and its connection to Italy, the shop also features a “Made in Italy” editorial corner, where it’s possible to find books, magazines and vinyls exclusively founded and realized by young and talented Italian artists.

Connected and simultaneously separated by a big hole in the wall - already become a must-see for all the visitors – the space, ruled my imponent marble tables, turns into the perfect area where organizing lectures, speaches and private eventsby booking only, as well as a reading room for Spazio Sunnei locals.


In complete contrast with the candid white of the ground floor, the basement opens to the public with its total blue walls and floors – where lights and a mirror wall are aimed to highlight the astonish feeling that you encounter once you get past the stairs down. Coming as an additional retail space, the basement is coinceived to host the constant growing menswear collection. As a reflection of the brand’s spirit and irriverent approach, the area could also turn into a perfect secret club.