Double breasted button closure in front
Welt pockets
Fabric from Italy
Made in Italy

Butts of Florence by Erik Benjamins

Taking its spot at Spazio Sunnei’s editorial corner, “Butts of Florence” is a unique project realized by Erik Benjamins during his trip back to the city.

We asked him to briefly guide us through the project in his words.

“Butts of Florence” is an experimental travel memoir sized to fit comfortably in your back pocket. In 2006, I spent six months in Florence as an American student abroad. Eight years later, I returned for six weeks to teach, walk, watch, eat, and learn. A collection of journal writings punctuate a series of formal black and white photographs of the butts of various Florentine sculpture. Its materiality, design and contents intend a comfortable utility for the hungry tourist or the cozied homebody. Some have described the book as “casually erotic” and others as the “best plane reading ever.”

My relationship to Florence, like most, swims heavy with the usual romances: bejeweled Negroni at dusk and quickly inhaled morning cappuccini. For me, “Butts of Florence” stands as intimate effort to reflect—with grateful privilege and prodding curiosity—the Florentine tourist narratives that seduce us visitors so.

A year after the book’s completion, I worked with a master printer to begin a series of etchings. It seemed fitting to counter the lo-fi casualness of the book with artworks fitting for a classic museum. “Butts of Florence” is a 100-pg, B&W, perfect bound publication that can be purchased at Spazio Sunnei or the artist’s website.

Two etchings (No. 15 & No. 24) are available, the former, a limited edition via MATERIAL Press in Los Angeles, and the latter, an unlimited edition by way of the artist.

Available at Spazio Sunnei – Via Vincenzo Vela 8, Milano

13 Euros